Viresh Chaudhary reach 1 crore in kbc

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Viresh Chaudhary reach 1 crore in kbc


Viresh Chaudhary is set on kbc and fire .He reached One crore Rupees Question and just away one question to reach 7 crore . Kya #KBC ke manch ko milne wala hai uska pehla Crorepati? Jaanne ke liye dekhte rahiye #KBC Mon-Fri raat 9 baje sirf Sony par.

He won Rs: fifty Lakh and let see how much he will win  Stay tune with us .


Question asked with Viresh in kbc

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5 thoughts on “Viresh Chaudhary reach 1 crore in kbc

  1. Viresh vhai may God bless u to become a winner of one crore in crore pati show. Our dearest Amithabo jii long live and come in every seasion that we can get ur love and blessing.

  2. hello sir I saw your game .
    u r great sir I want to join on fb to u sir.
    mai aapke contact me rahna chata hu.

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