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Kbc 3rd Contestant Zarina Salim 29th August win 10000

Today kbc question

Kbc 3rd Contestant Zarina Salim 29th August

Zarina is playing on hotseat. She has won 10,000 Rs


Ques :  Which of the number is least in value ?

A. Unnasi                    B. Nawasi

C. Unsath                   D. Unhattar

Ques : Prasidh Vyanjan Hyderabad ” Halim ” Ki mukhya samajgri kya hai

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A. kEKRA                    B. Machli

C. lOBSTER                D. Mutton

Ques : What exactly are the ancient Pyramids of Giza ?

A. Granaries            B. Light Houses

C. Tombs                D. Palaces

Ques: In the context of light ” if we mix all the seven colours of the rainbow , the resultant colour would be ?   30,000 Question

A. White                B. BLACK

C. Maroon             D. Dark Blue

She lose in this question and given wrong answer .


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kbcofficial • August 29, 2017

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