Kbc second contestant shri kishan yadav 28th August won 3lakh

Today kbc question

Kbc second contestant shri kishan yadav 28th August

He is playing now and let see how much he will win :



Here is the question :

1.If you call someone “Makkhichos ” then what you are calling him ?

A.  EVIL                        B. HUMBLE

C. DISHONEST             D. MISERLY 

2. What number is used with reference to a type of cricket match as a normal version ?

A .50                        B.5

C. 2                          D.1

3. What is the term used for shops that provide the buyer exemption from certain taxes ?

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A. Care-Free                              B. Duty-free

C. JOB-FREE                               D. Rate-free

4. Which of these mucial instrument is held in one hand and played with the other ?

A. Tabla                            B. Santoor

C. Mridangam                  D. Dafli

5. The chief minister of which two Indian States have the same First name ?

A. Sikkim and Nagaland         B. Goa and Haryana

C. Kerala and Karnataka         D. Mizoram and Nagaland 

6. Which Chetan Bhagat Book has the following dedication “for my mother / For rural India / for the non-English types ” ?

A. One Indian Girl                    B. One night @call center 

C. Half Girlfriend                      D. 2 States

7. More than 90’s percent of giant Panda’s diet consists of which plant ?

A. Eucalyptus                        B. Banana

C. Bamboo                           D. Date Palm


He is still playing and hope he will win 7crore .Let see for tomorrow on #kbcsonytv

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