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Kbc 30 Contestant Anamika Majumdar


Anamika first passed the fastest finger first question in just 7 seconds and she is the first winner in two .As she got selected she didn’t believe  but really she is on hot seat . It’s a dream come true for her .








She took lifeline here “Audience poll”



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Rs: 25,00,000 Lakh Question she won .

Rs: 50,00,000 Lakh Question she won . She took lifeline “Fifty – fifty ” and he selected the right answer .Also she took another lifeline as she was not sure .



ANAMIKA ONE CRORE QUESTION  Watch anamika one crore winning moment 


Anamika seven crore question

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5 thoughts on “Kbc 30 Contestant Anamika Majumdar Question

  1. Well done madam.
    keep it up.
    All the best for today.
    Bhagwan Kare ki aap aaj 7 crore jeet kar jaaye.
    Again wish you all the very best Anaamika ji.

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