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Anamika Majumadar wons one crore



Anamika Majumdar is the first one crore winner of #kbcseason9 . She is a social worker and she played extremely well  . Without taking lifelines she passed 7 questions . SHe also lived in New Delhi. She is a social worker and also taking parts in saving rivers and Children.The show will soon begin on television .

Question asked with Anamika Majumdar 


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Before her Viresh chaudhary won rupees fifty lakh by reaching one crore question and he quits.But Anamika really deserves that . With extreme talent and enthusiast skill she finally won RS: 1 CRORE.

Winning moment of Anamika One crore and 16th question reached moment :


PV Sindhu also come in KBC and hope they will come on the same day .

अनामिका मजूमदार के बी स की पहली विनर . उन्होंने क बी स में एक करोड़ रुपए जीत लिए है और वो पहली क बी स की करोडपती बनी . अनामिका जमशेदपुर से है लेकिन उनका सामाजिक काम लोगो को और भी आकर्षित करता है .

She is not able to give 7 crore answer :

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