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Kbc 17 Contestant Rekha Devi

Rekha devi is Belonging from a village and handling farming works . Rekha devi won Rs: 6,40,000 .She wants to open a Boutique and sell the clothes made by women of her team members .She is belonging from Haryana .

She took lifeline “Joridaar ” on the question of 12lakh 50 thousand but her “Joridaar ” was not able to give proper answer and she took another lifeline “Phone O friend “. She quite the game on 12 lakh and 50 thousand question. Congrats Rekha kumari 🙂

Question asked with her are as follows :







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4 thoughts on “Kbc 17 Contestant Rekha Devi won 12 lakh 50 thousand

  1. Sony kitni Sony hei sone jaisa tera mon. Sun jara sun kya kehti hei lakho dil ki dhadkan. Tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera God no one O Jio dhan dhana dhan o Jio dhan dhana dhan.

  2. Sir g namskar . Ham aap k 17 sal aap k show k fan hai . Sabse phale mere father-in-law aap k show k fan hai unk kar ma aap k show ka fan ho gyea Mai 35 sal k hu Mai MA.B.ed hu par Mai ek choti c dukan kar raha u Keo K Mai SORRISE nam k BEMARI se pedit hu… Jes k kar Mai Jada kar nahi kar sakta… Mai aap k show Mai aane may interested hu . Mai KBC 9 10/07/2017 KO Delhi may ADDIUTION be day cuka hu… Mere gk v aacche ha pata nahi Mera Keo nahi number laga… Jes parkar k aap k contests and rahe ha Aap k show Mai muje nahi lag raha hunko koe GK aate hai Zadatar aap k contests 10,000 may he baher hu jatte hai. Aap keh rahe ho k j sab kathen persate see gujer te hai Hame tu lag ta j sab SAPPARSHE lag te Jin ko koie be jankare hai hai …. Muje lagta hai aap k show k lokpreeta aab c kam hone lag jae gyee …. Mera addution number GEN19DELHI (10/07/2017) . Muje paise m

  3. rekha devi contestant how can some one answer if she dont know anyhing.
    this was partiality amitab sir helped her a lot of time.
    indian flage said square within 1 sec rectangle.
    this time kbc is helping when answer is correct big b dont say life line,
    when big b knows the answer in wrong ask the contestent to take life line.
    international company this time so they are taking 50% bpl .
    rekha devi contestant doesnt know anytjhing and said every thing full cheating kbc this time.

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