Kbc Jio Play along

Kbc Play along Jio

Play with contestants with your phone when the show is air on television on #kbcsonytv . Below is the full detail to how to use Kbc play along jio app and play .

Note : to play this #jiokbcplayalong you must have an android phone as it is android based game.

Download Jio kbc play along app from Google play store

Once you downloaded the app you should open it and the screen is like the above image . You have to click on “Click to play

The next step is to choose the language and enter your name if asked . Name might not be asked with you if you have jio app already installed .

Select the language and agree the terms and condition and click on “Play ”

Once you click on “Play” You have the dashboard where you can play with kbc contestants . In the above screen there is some time to start the show so remember the show will start only at 9:00 PM every Monday to Friday .

If you have any query then you can click on ” How to play ” in Kbc Jio play along app.

How you can play with Jio kbc Play along app :

Once you have started playing with the app you have time limitation to play each question like :

  • 1 to 6 : 15 seconds
  • 6 to 10 : 60 Seconds
  • 10 to rest : No time limit

How long you can play this :

The Jio GBJJ Question will be broadcast during each Episode of the Show i.e from August 28, 2017 – October 06, 2017 between Monday and Friday. The Jio GBJJ Question of the day will be broadcast any time between 21:00:00 hours to 23:59:59 hours of the same day, or around that time, as determined by the Channel. Post the completion of the Episode, the question will be available on the website until the closure of lines.

How to you are a winner :

Episode Winner Selection
1. While multiple entries from the same Jio mobile number will be considered by the
randomizer software, once a Jio mobile number is chosen and announced as the
Episode Winner, it would not be considered for shortlisting again for any of the
subsequent episodes.
2. The Valid Entries will be used for random selection of Shortlisted Participants by
the randomizer on a daily basis from the Valid Entries received for each day
(defined as the period from 9:00:00 PM to 11:59:59 PM on the same day)
3. The selection of Shortlisted Participants per Episode will be as per the following

Enjoy playing 🙂

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  1. sir i am a jio user i have downloaded the jio chat play along app but unfortunately i have put my another network number in it but the using network is jio so please help me to know how can i change my number in it

  2. sir mai msg karti hu ghar Baithe jito jackpot ka pr sir carorepati se reply nhi ata msg pahucha ya nhi plz help me mai kya kru

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