Today kbc question

Kbc second contestant shri kishan yadav 28th August

He is playing now and let see how much he will win :



Here is the question :

1.If you call someone “Makkhichos ” then what you are calling him ?

A.  EVIL                        B. HUMBLE

C. DISHONEST             D. MISERLY 

2. What number is used with reference to a type of cricket match as a normal version ?

A .50                        B.5

C. 2                          D.1

3. What is the term used for shops that provide the buyer exemption from certain taxes ?

A. Care-Free                              B. Duty-free

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C. JOB-FREE                               D. Rate-free

4. Which of these mucial instrument is held in one hand and played with the other ?

A. Tabla                            B. Santoor

C. Mridangam                  D. Dafli

5. The chief minister of which two Indian States have the same First name ?

A. Sikkim and Nagaland         B. Goa and Haryana

C. Kerala and Karnataka         D. Mizoram and Nagaland 

6. Which Chetan Bhagat Book has the following dedication “for my mother / For rural India / for the non-English types ” ?

A. One Indian Girl                    B. One night @call center 

C. Half Girlfriend                      D. 2 States

7. More than 90’s percent of giant Panda’s diet consists of which plant ?

A. Eucalyptus                        B. Banana

C. Bamboo                           D. Date Palm


He is still playing and hope he will win 7crore .Let see for tomorrow on #kbcsonytv

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