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Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 9 2017 as kbc season 9 registration will start from 17th June 2017.So Interested candidates or users who are willing to play this game or want to be on hotseat must ready with your applying devices and methods . Here is the kbc registration details how to send answers via SMS/ Via website / IVR and Through kbc official Mobile app . Below is the Important kbc registration dates on which you have to ready with your correct Answer . Kbc registration Question for season 9 will soon on this site .

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Questions Lines Open Lines Close
Date                                Time Date Time
1 17 Jun 2017 21:00 PM 18 Jun 2017 20:59PM
2 18Jun 2017 21:00 PM 19Jun 2017 20:59 PM
3 19Jun 2017 21:00 PM 20Jun 2017 20:59 pm
4 20Jun 2017 21:00 PM 21Jun 2017 20:59PM
5 21Jun 2017 21:00 PM 22Jun 2017 20:59 PM


Here you find Kbc registration Question 

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  1. Plz sir call me आपहिसै सिखा हि कौशिश करने वालौकि हार नहि हौति पिलिज सर मैरै बहौत सपने है kbc सै पिलिज काॅल मि आप गरिबौकौ चान्स दौ जिनै जरूरत है ऊनै चान्स दौ कलैकटरकौ कूछ कमि नहि रहति और पौलिवालौकौभि हम जैसै गरिबौकौ चान्स दौ पिलीज

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